September 5th, 2013

So…that just happened.


"Adam, you’ve gone viral! Your cousin told me what it means."

- My Mom

Well, that escalated quickly.  

In one day, “Wrestlecast” amassed more than 80,000 views on YouTube and was featured on nearly every website imaginable.  I’ve received messages from current Professional Wrestlers, elementary school classmates and even scored a retweet from Jim Ross.


Slobberknocker Status Achieved.

I never would’ve imagined this incredible rush of attention. It’s truly a testament to the Wrestling community and the incredible amount of love that people have for its history.  The emotional responses to legends like Tojo Yamamoto, Sweet Daddy Watts and Special Delivery Jones was something to behold.  I could practically see people typing, smiles plastered on their nodding faces, fondly recalling a match…a moment.

I’m willing to bet that everyone, at some point in their life, was consumed with watching wrestling. It’s undeniable. I have D-Generation X to blame for most of my suspensions in middle school. 


"Adam, you can’t stand on your desk and yell that!"

It was worth it.

Now, this was not a self-serving gimmick for attention. I’m truly trying to create a bond between you, the audience, and my weekend broadcasts. 

So, here are the four most requested/entertaining topics for the second edition of #Sportscast (leave your vote as a comment or tweet me your pick - @WHAS11Lefkoe):

a. Seinfeld-isms (@ChrisMJung) - Recommended multiple times….Hellllllllo Newman.

b. Old School Rap Songs (@DanielSpencer) - Truest form of a microphone fiend…

c. The Wire (@Justdontgetit1) - Incredible former HBO Show…I’ll have to whistle on TV.

d. Classic Action Movies (@IamJuan) - He lists Rambo, Bloodsport as examples…and they are great examples.

I’ll be doing #Sportscast this Sunday at 11:00 p.m. Obviously, I’ll be posting the video after it airs.  Thanks again everyone, you guys are awesome.

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