September 2nd, 2013

The local sportscast is dying. The emergence of all-sports channels and catered fan websites has rendered this medium mundane. No opinions, not enough time to delve into details and a complete lack of resources.

Want highlights? There’s a website that probably has them. 

Want analysis? There’s dozens of articles ready to read…and you’re allowed longer than a few minutes to digest the content.

So, other than expecting people to turn on their TV at a designated time because they always have…how does the local sportscast attract an audience? Engage them.

Crowd-sourcing is a wonderfully humbling process that can create a great bond with an audience…or potentially create one. Simply throw out a question on social media and farm the results. If no one responds, welp, just do your normal sportscast. If they reach out, embrace them. The return is a wonderful exchange of ideas.

Last night I tweeted out that I’m starting something called #Sportscast. This week’s theme: Old School Wrestlers. I simply asked for people to tweet me the names of former wrestlers and I’d try to fit them into my sportscast.  Nearly 50 responses later, I had a pool of possibilities. The result is the video above.

People have seemed to really enjoy it, so I plan to attempt this once a week.  We’ll see if it can grow into something people tune in to watch. If it doesn’t, what’s the harm? I’m just doing highlights in a shirt and tie…and shorts.

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    It’s Week 1 of the NFL, but adamlefkoe's Wrestlecast already stole the show! How many wrestlers can YOU name?
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    This is incredible! One of my local news stations, so cool!
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    My new favorite person on the TV.
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